How do I send a message?

If your practice have switched on messaging, you should see a Message section on the Patient Access homepage. Messages should not contain information about your conditions and medications, but can be used to update your practice about change of address, enquiries about travel vaccinations, etc.

  1. Click Send a message in the Message section.
  2. Enter a subject and complete the text area.
  3. Click Send.
  4. Check the message and then select whether to send, cancel or amend the message.

Replies from your practice can be accessed from the Message section on the homepage.

IMPORTANT: Tickets can only be raised for Medical practices in England. If your practice is outside England, please raise your query directly with your Medical practice.

If you still need help with using Patient Access, you can raise a ticket here for the support team. If you want to discuss a medical issue, contact your practice.

Patient Access is an online service provided by EMIS Health. We provide the clinical system that your practice uses and which you connect to through Patient Access. Your Patient Access account is configured and looked after by your practice, not us, so you will sometimes need to contact them directly if you’re having problems. However, where we can help you or your practice we certainly will.