Patient Access services

Patient Access provides you with a range of online services from your practice. Use the guidance below to check which online services are available to you, and how to request access to others.

Note: Not all online services available on Patient Access are automatically supported by your practice.

Accessing the Services screen

  1. Sign in to Patient Access. 
  2. In the Your details section of the Welcome page, click Services.

    Your details section of the Welcome page

  3. The Services overview page is displayed and you'll be able to see a list of services including a short description about each service.

    Services screen showing the range of online services and a set of example availability statuses

Services and availability

In the Services screen, the service availability status is displayed. The availability depends on; if the service is supported by your practice and if you've been given access to the supported service. The availability statuses are summarised below.

Enabled green sticker You are set up to use the service.
Disabled The service is unavailable and not supported by your organisation.
Contact your practice for access The service is available at your organisation, but you aren't set up to use it.

The following table summarises the services and their functionality:

Appointment booking Book different types of appointments at your organisation.
Repeat prescriptions Request repeat prescriptions from your organisation.
Message your practice Send and receive messages from your organisation.
Update contact details Update your address and contact details at your organisation.
Medical record View your medical record at your organisation.

Request access to a service

Note: You can only request access to a service using the Services screen if the 'Message your practice' service is supported by your practice and you have been given access to it.

  1. In the Services screen, next to the required service, click Request access.

    Services screen showing the Request access option

    The Send a message screen is displayed and pre-populated with a suggested message in accordance with the action you've selected.

    The Send a message screen with the subject and message fields pre-populated

  2. The 'Is your enquiry urgent?' field will default to No. The messaging service should not be used for anything urgent or to send any information related to your condition or treatment. 
    Note: If you select Yes, you're advised that you can't use this service for urgent queries and the option to send a message is no longer displayed.
  3. Make amendments to the Subject/Message fields as required, and then click Send.
  4. You are asked to confirm your message before sending.
    Tip: If you want to make an amendment to the message, click Make changes first and follow steps 3 to 4 again.
  5. Click Yes, send the message to complete the message, and then click Go to the homepage to return to your account.
  6. Your practice receives the message and actions it as they see fit, if they give you access to the service, it will show as Enabled green sticker when you next login to Patient Access.
    Note: This is not an automatic response and it could take your practice some time to process your request. If this is an urgent request, please contact your practice directly. Your practice reserves the right to deny access to any of the online Patient Access services.

Service messages on the Welcome page

At the top of the Welcome page, you can see messages advising the availability status for services on your account. If there's a change to a service available to you at your practice, a message is displayed advising which service is affected and if it's available to you.

  • Services that are enabled on your account.
    Welcome page with enabled services message

  • Services that aren't available at your practice.
    Not available
    Welcome page with prescribing service unavailable message

  • If a service is supported, but not enabled for your account.
    Welcome page with prescribing service unavailable message

IMPORTANT: Tickets can only be raised for Medical practices in England. If your practice is outside England, please raise your query directly with your Medical practice.

If you still need help with using Patient Access, you can raise a ticket here for the support team. If you want to discuss a medical issue, contact your practice.

Patient Access is an online service provided by EMIS Health. We provide the clinical system that your practice uses and which you connect to through Patient Access. Your Patient Access account is configured and looked after by your practice, not us, so you will sometimes need to contact them directly if you’re having problems. However, where we can help you or your practice we certainly will.