Known issues with Patient Access

Here's the list of the major known issues with Patient Access, our development team will fix them as soon as possible.  

Error 7001 message when accessing the Problem section in my Medical Record

If you do need a list of your problems, please ask your practice for a printout.

Error 7001 message when accessing the Test Requests section in my Medical Record

Contact your practice for an update on your test. 

Error 7001 message when entering registration security questions

The registration has completed but the error message prevents your User ID from being shown. Contact your practice and ask them for your User ID. 

A prescription request is showing 'Unknown' status instead of Awaiting Signing

The status may display as Unknown for 2 days whilst the practice process the request. If it is still showing as 'Unknown' after 2 days, contact the practice for an update on the prescription. 

Patients with double-barrelled surnames cannot register online

Until this bug is fixed, you should register for Patient Access at the practice - they will generate a registration form for you to complete.

IMPORTANT: Tickets can only be raised for Medical practices in England. If your practice is outside England, please raise your query directly with your Medical practice.

If you still need help with using Patient Access, you can raise a ticket here for the support team. If you want to discuss a medical issue, contact your practice.

Patient Access is an online service provided by EMIS Health. We provide the clinical system that your practice uses and which you connect to through Patient Access. Your Patient Access account is configured and looked after by your practice, not us, so you will sometimes need to contact them directly if you’re having problems. However, where we can help you or your practice we certainly will.